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Our Investment Philosophy

We see investment as a means to an end. Our clients’ goals are the targets that guide our investment methodology. In the pursuit of growing capital or generating income, we recognize that risk is an inevitable part of the equation. However, we focus on identifying the required return to achieve the client’s goals and strive to minimize unnecessary risk in the pursuit of that return. We call our philosophy "Participate and Protect".

In an age where automation and digitization are transforming so many aspects of our lives, we recognize that client investment needs are individual and shouldn’t be confined to a box. Clients shouldn’t be classified simply as “Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive” or have investment policy dictated based on age. We curate custom portfolio solutions for each client tailored to their own specific needs often blending in different amounts of strategies designed for income, growth, or principal preservation to arrive at the ideal mix for them.

We believe that financial markets are driven by the behavior of it’s participants – the investors. While investors may behave rationally at times, we recognize that investors often make decisions rooted in emotionally tendencies or psychological biases. In fact, investors have a tendency to repeat behavior that may not be in our best interest, even though we may be aware of these pitfalls. This behavior causes markets to move to extremes, sometimes deviating greatly from their true intrinsic value. Markets that may seem to be efficient at times, can quickly become inefficient. Because of this reality, the level of risk associated with investing is not constant over time. As a result, we recognize that different investment strategies need to be used for different types of market conditions.

At the core of our client portfolios, we use broadly diversified global allocation strategies that are designed take a longer-term view and involve little regular adjustment in response to short-term volatility, focusing rather on capturing the opportunities created by economic and market cycles with extra sensitivity to costs and taxes. These strategies may be supplemented with additional approaches that attempt to respond more quickly to shorter-term market opportunities as well as risks. Finally, we may also use investments referred collectively as “alternative investments”, which are designed to provide different return and risk dynamics compared to the traditional portfolio building blocks of stocks, bonds, and cash. The addition of investments such as commodities, real estate, and market-neutral strategies have been known to aid in both potentially increasing returns and reducing volatility over time.

We implement strategies based on disciplined rules that consider the weight of the evidence of many indicators, leaving emotion out of the equation.