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Our Process

From the beginning, our focus is on knowing our clients well enough to understand their financial needs, goals, opportunities, and fears, so that we can provide comprehensive advice on all areas of their financial lives, not just recommend investments or manage their money. We have often found that people have made investment decisions based on a gut feeling or through the influence of the media or friends, and as a result there’s no goal-driven purpose behind their actions. Our disciplined approach is designed to serve as a financial roadmap that guides our decisions and implementation, often in the form of a written plan. While some clients’ needs may focus around portfolio management, others need and desire comprehensive wealth planning. Regardless of the extent of our engagement with each client, we always follow a prudent step-by-step process.

I. Discovery

In preparation for our first meeting, we ask you to complete a questionnaire that will give us a picture of what your financial life looks like today. During this first meeting, we gather information about every aspect of your financial life to determine how we can help you. In this “discovery” process, our focus is on getting to know you and your needs. We’ll spend time asking about your decisions to date, your desired goals, and the obstacles or concerns you may have about what you’ve done and where you hope to go.

II. Analysis

With our financial roadmap, the first stop is to define the target — your life’s most important goals. This dictates the capital requirements — how much investable funds are needed — and the return you will need. We analyze your investment portfolio’s current asset allocation mix and your risk exposure in relation to your financial needs — but all in the context of your psychological comfort level. In addition, we analyze the components of your tax liability and your present estate plan. From this analysis, we identify your current areas of strength, as well as any inconsistencies that present opportunities for improvement.

III. Advice

The next step is to determine the most appropriate asset allocation, and ensure that your expectations align with the return goal and risk exposure that we agree make sense for you. Having analyzed other areas of your financial life, we also make recommendations about insurance, trusts, taxes, and estate planning. Depending on your situation, we may draft a Financial Plan, an Investment Policy Statement, a thorough retirement income plan, or a detailed action plan.

IV. Implementation

Upon presenting a plan and gaining your agreement, we implement (or help you make) the necessary changes. As we implement your plan, we stay in constant communication with you, and we encourage you to ask questions and express any concerns so that you can feel confident about the progress we make together.

V. Review

Markets and life situations change, so throughout the year our team meets with you at regular intervals to review your portfolio and planning needs. In our meetings, we will provide analysis and recommendations related to your investments, your estate planning needs and legacy objectives, beneficiary designations, the treatment of inheritances, and reducing unnecessary taxes.

We work in a team environment and are available to answer questions, respond to concerns, and share market insights to help our clients understand more about where they are headed and what decisions are being made on their behalf. We communicate proactively — and often.

In Summary...

Our goal is to have clients tell us they feel truly cared for by Legacy and the people who serve them. We not only advise clients on the issues they bring to our attention, but also the ones we see that can affect them. We partner with our clients’ other trusted advisors, such as attorneys and accountants, or we can refer them to experts with whom we have relationships, and we coordinate everything for the client.

We believe in a truly collaborative approach with clients. Their goals and needs drive every decision we make and everything we do. Comprehensive, confident, and caring — and driven by results: the client experience at Legacy Wealth Partners.