Legacy Wealth
Partners is now The
Colony Group

We are excited to join our friends and colleagues at The Colony Group! Together, we are a stronger team with complementary capabilities to help our clients find meaning and joy in their lives. Our personal relationships with our clients will remain the foundation and future of our firm -
Welcome to our new home!


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Our Services

Retirement Planning

As you near the end of your career, we’ll match the retirement you envision with comprehensive planning centered on maximizing your social security, pension, and cash flow. Additionally, our advisors can help you institute tax-friendly income streams. 

Investment Management

An in-depth analysis of your risk tolerance and financial planning goals will give us clarity on how to curate a personally constructed investment strategy based on your timeline.

Tax Planning

Easing the burden of taxes is critical to bettering your financial health. In order to control Uncle Sam’s impact, we join forces with your tax professional to review you recent returns, identify potential savings or restructuring, enact tax-efficient solutions, and exercise tax loss harvesting.

Risk Management

The fear of what tomorrow will bring diminishes the quality of your life today. Let us safeguard your family from unforeseen events by evaluating your current coverage and making sure you’re well protected.  We are happy to collaborate with your existing agents in these areas or serve a more consultative role in this process.

Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy is a powerful expression of all you love and value. Should you choose to honor the people and charitable causes you hold dear, our team will work in conjunction with your estate planner to carry out your wishes via an assessment of your documents, tax liabilities, asset titling, beneficiary designations, and advanced philanthropic strategies, where appropriate. 

Business Planning

Having worked with business owners in many fields, Legacy Wealth Partners appreciates the complexities of entrepreneurship. That’s why we offer services geared towards designing retirement plans and benefits packages, overseeing cash management, and planning for sale or succession. 

College Planning

Costs associated with higher education are increasing each year.  Our college planning tools aim to reassure parents and students through funding projections and exploration of applicable savings strategies, account types, and distribution tactics.

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