Legacy Wealth
Partners is now The
Colony Group

We are excited to join our friends and colleagues at The Colony Group! Together, we are a stronger team with complementary capabilities to help our clients find meaning and joy in their lives. Our personal relationships with our clients will remain the foundation and future of our firm -
Welcome to our new home!


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Who We Serve

Who do we serve? Clients who choose Legacy Wealth Partners are looking for more than an advisor. They want a financial advocate – a professional with deep experience who will take the time to get to know them and then provide customized, ongoing guidance, throughout their lifetime. Clients who are best suited for our firm want and value professional advice and a long-term relationship built on a foundation of trust.

Areas of Focus:

Rising stars – Many of our clients are successful in their careers and have very busy lives. They may be business owners, executives or professionals in the fields of entertainment, law, or medicine. They turn to us for our concierge approach that can help them solidify a plan for the long-term while bringing to together all of the various pieces of their lives. Many are looking to shift their retirement savings or educational funding for their children in high gear, while attempting to mitigate the erosion of wealth caused by taxes. By working with us, these clients can remain focused on what they do best.

Retirees – We have extensive experience working with many people throughout their retirement years. Managing financial assets and navigating tax laws for those in their distribution years is very different than for those still in their accumulation years. Addressing the common concern of outliving retirement savings is of great concern to many. Our clients rely on us to help create a retirement roadmap for them that can increase their confidence and certainty about making their assets last throughout their lifetime and perhaps create a legacy for their family or charities if the so desire.

A large number of our retired clients are women who find themselves dealing with their financial affairs on their own for the first time as a result of the loss of their spouse. We know how emotionally trying and unsettling this experience can be. Our goal is to serve as a source of education, support, and compassionate advice to help women in this situation ultimately move to a sense of confidence and security.

Divorcees – Dealing with a divorce can be both emotionally and financially traumatic. Brad Levin, our firms’ founder, knows this from personal experience. After going through his own divorce, he decided to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Acting in this capacity, he can provide sound guidance to those individuals going through the painful process of divorce so that they can establish sound financial footing for their long-term goals in their new independent lives. In addition to working with individuals, we also serve couples in the midst of negotiating their settlements acting as a neutral party to arrive at an equitable distribution of marital wealth.

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